A Recap Of 2021


2021 has been a ride. It’s the only way I can describe it. It touched so many aspects of my life: love, family, spirituality, friendship, career,...etc. …

Donkey’s Carrot

I once placed a bet of N500 and got approximately N287,000 in winnings. You'd think I'd be grinning from ear to ear at my good fortune but no, I cursed my luck for not placing the bet with N1,000. …


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Today, there’s no emotion to pull energy from

No feeling lasts long enough to move me

The angry moments are fleeting.

The happy moments fly by all too quick.

My day is numbed by routine

A predictable flowchart which is always looping

My mind no longer seeks thrills

It’s okay with the small squirts of dopamine

Maybe this is adulthood

Ah, it’s a boring place

Like an empty canvass


Photo from Book Of Rafly

Once you go dark, you never go back.

Dark Humor is a method of comedic relief created out of making fun of matters that are usually considered a social taboo or too grim to talk about.

In this age, social taboos are in virtually every subject. People get triggered by…

My Money Grows Like Grass.

This caption was such a menace in the early 2010s. It felt like almost everyone had that ugly shirt which was plastered with this caption—really ugly shirts. Ironically, people who wore it didn’t exude any form of affluence whatsoever.

So, today, I did the thing…

Ikechukwu Doesn’t Write Anymore

Yeah, I could just leave it at that. But, you see, old habits; they die hard. The feeling is weird. I still hear the words in my head but they don’t sound so powerful and compelling anymore. It’s just like noise which I can finally shut…

“Your tummy is getting bigger”

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve heard this statement. My colleagues jokingly call me ‘Father of two’. A bunch of people ask how many bottles I drink in a sitting. Even my own dresses have turned on me, choosing not to fit me…

If you have ever run a lap race at a track event of any kind, you know the real pain hits you with three laps to go. Every nerve and muscle fiber is screaming at you to stop this torture and rest. It’s tough because your brain keeps reminding you…


Life is common. Living is a rarity.

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