My Money Grows Like Grass.

This caption was such a menace in the early 2010s. It felt like almost everyone had that ugly shirt which was plastered with this caption—really ugly shirts. Ironically, people who wore it didn’t exude any form of affluence whatsoever.

So, today, I did the thing I’ve dreaded doing for weeks now—check my account balance. I keep putting this off every time I think of it, telling myself with some form of reassurance, "Funds dey!!!" Well, it’s not like I didn’t have a mental image of the approximate state of my finances; neither do I have an infinite pool which keeps refilling my account each time I go spending. It’s just that I have convinced myself there would always be money in there because I hardly spend on the big stuff. Something petty today, another small one tomorrow. It was just little purchases, not enough to run down my account. Tell that to the birds!!! It’s not even the middle of the month and my account is already seeing deep red. It’s crazy! I’m haemorrhaging funds on unnecessary purchases. Sharwama today, online course (which I never bother to look at again) tomorrow, chocolate some other time.

I was forced to think of how I convinced myself my money grew like grass. Now I’ve looked at that statement critically and realized my money does truly grow like grass but it’s not the same meaning I used to attach to it.

Grass never grows tall. It’s plenty, yes. Almost always there but it never grows tall. Never becomes monumental. It just lies around the surface. This illusion of abundance is what most of us have—that the money will always be there. So there are barely any big money multiplication plans or moves—no business risks. Sure we have small savings where we put away money and sometimes, dig into when we’re flat broke with the promise of replenishing. But it’s our habits and what we do with the money that keeps us at grass level. What do you do with your money?

Invest it?

These days, everyone is a real estate agent. Every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to have some land or house which they are willing to broker for you at an ‘affordable price’. Suddenly, numerous lands are up for grabs and everyone is investing. Problem is most people don’t know what to do with it once they get it. Hence, they end up build castles in the air with the land investments they’ve made without actually knowing the true state of their investment. You should always know the ins and outs of whatever investment you make so you’re not left high and dry. You should know all the necessary requirements, have the requisite knowledge to assess when things are favourable or not. You may seem like a skeptic but trust me, you don’t want your money going down the drain. Also, you shouldn’t invest in what you do not believe in, no matter the pressure. Your belief is what will guide you.

Stop spending foolishly?

Cut down on silly expenditures. You don’t really need Netflix now or that extra chocolate helping. Come on, stopping eating suya all the time and it’s not every outing you’re obliged to go for. Know your means and live within it while you are investing your funds. Move out your investment money first and know that what is left is your means. Live there!!! And do not be comfortable with debt. No, don’t be a bastard. Pay up and stay out of those waters. Buy cheap things too. Also, save vex money oh. It’s important.

In summary, these are truly dangerous times and you don’t want grass money to be the only thing you can rely. It will most likely end in premium tears.

Life is common. Living is a rarity.